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These and other terms that are frequently heard as very different procedures have one basic goal, which is to remove the excess fat in different areas of the body. What happens is that eventually, new terms were developed for all these related procedures. The real thing is that today there are two ways to remove excess fat:

Liposuction: this one is performed by a machine that produces a vacuum effect (negative pressure) the fat is sucked through a special cannula which is the one that the surgeon manipulates on the tissues in order to treat them without harm. The obtained fatty material is directed to a reservoir pressure which quantifies the amount of fat removed. Note: Aspiration sometimes is also performed by using negative pressure with a special syringe.

Ultrasound Lipo: This system is based on the rupture of the adipocyte (fat) cell membrane. When the sound of a special frequency diffuses through the tissue that was previously prepared with a special solution, fatty tissue is removed as of a yellowish liquid, as a result. This procedure has the advantage of being specific to fat and not injuring other tissues. Liposuction can be performed on most of the body taking into account the areas and how much each particular patient needs in order to reach its goal. After surgery, a molding strip must be used, because that will contribute to the accommodation of the skin after the procedure.

Laser Liposuction: This procedure involves inserting a cannula with laser light; this will destroy the adipocytes or fat cells and then suck the fat that by that point should be in liquid form.

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