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Breast Reduction

Reduction or Tissue Replacement.

This procedure has physical and emotional implications. Big breasts can cause muscle aches and alterations in bone joints, due to the great weight that the person must endure. Also, some patients can experience some difficulty in choosing their clothes to disguise the excessive size. This procedure is also performed on an outpatient basis. In this surgery, the mammary gland’s size is reduced, the areola and breasts that have moved down due to its weight rise, are placed in the middle. The surgery is performed under epidural anesthesia and sedation. Today according to global statistics this type of anesthesia is safer. Eventually, the scars from the skin and mammary gland extracted become very tenuous.
This procedure is also performed in order to raise flaccid breast tissues after pregnancy or excessive changes in weight of a patient. In this case, the amount of breast tissue removed is minimal since it is used to form the new mammary gland after removal of excess skin. It can also be performed with general anesthesia if the patient prefers.

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